China's automobile industry has been in rapid development. Filtration and separation processes are also widely employed in this industry.
Such as automotive painting workshop washing; electrodeposition coasting; automotive coating factory resin filtration; paint and coating filtration.
Cobetter can supply various products to meet customer request.



◆Automotive Painting Workshop:


  • 1)Washing Filtration: Filter bag request to reach 99% efficiency to 100um particles, silicone-free,no fiber releasing.
  • 2)Electrodeposition Coatings Filtraiton: Filter bag request to reach 99% efficiency to 25um particles, silicone-free, no fiber releasing.
  • 3)Paint Filtration: Use nylon6 filter bag on top coating process to ensure paint quality.


Products: EBF, HEBF, EP


◆Automotive Coatings Factory:


  • 1) Paint and Coating: Use 25um/10um filter cartridge before filling; Metallic paint use 70um/100um filter cartridge
  • 2) Resin Filtration: Use 50um /25um filter bag







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