Ink & Paint-Resin Filtration/Sovlent Filtration

Requirement of ink and paint particle control is getting higher and higher, especially in gravure ink,UV curable varnish and UV vacuum metallizing coating.
Cobetter filter cartridges are suitable for resin,solvenand final filtration of ink/ paint.



  • 1) Resin Filtration: It is necessary to do prefiltration on resin as resin particle control is directly concerned with ink quality and final filter life time.
  • 2) Solvent Filtration: Added all kinds of solvents which have many particles. It is necessary to filter them to protect final filter life time.
  • 3)Final Filtration: Use HPP/EP filter cartridges. They can remove particles and ensure ink&paint quality.


Poducts: EP, SBF, EBF, HPP, PFSA




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