Potable water is divide into two parts: drinking water and non-drinking water. Cobetter various filter series can meet different cities requirement of water quality.



  • ① Pre-RO Filtration
  • Function: Stop new particles which are produced in the process or not removed in prefiltration to go into RO system, and protect high pressure pump and RO system.
    A good Pre-RO filtration system can increase inlet water quality remarkably before go into RO system.
    RO membrane life time can be extended,chemical regeneration can be reduced, therefore system cost is reduced too. 5um/10um is commonly used.


    Item Flow Rate Part Number
    Option A
    HF150, BG160
    Option B
    GUF \SGD


  • ② Final Sterile Filtration
  • Function: Installed on the outlet of city drinking water system. Ensure final sterile filtration process and to remove particles, bacterial and heat source . 0.22um/0.1um is commonly used.


    Item Description Part Number
    Option A
    Higher water quality
    Option B




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