Process water is widely used in microelectronics, food and beverage, fine chemical and atomic energy industries,especial in in microelectronic technology and semiconductor integrated circuit industry.
Pure water has various test items ,for example: electrics resistivity test,TOC,particle test, Sio2 test and colonial test. Ultrapure water become more and more important in microelectronic industry.



  • ① Pre-RO Filtration

    Function: are typically used to protect membrane systems from premature fouling and short life and reduce system cost. 5um/10um is commonly used.


    Item Flow Rate Part Number
    Option A
    HF150, BG160
    Option B


  • ② Resin Fine Filtration

    Function: Installed after ions or resin exchange,trap resin fine, avoid of secondary pollution.
    Cobetter prodcuts have high filtration efficiency, no ions dissolution, provide high quality water.


    Item Description Part Number
    Option A
    Particle control strictly
    APS 0.65/0.45um
    Option B
    EPP 3um


  • ③ Final Sterile Filtration

    Function: Installed on final Filter housing, to remove particles and organisms and protect water quality.
    0.22um APSmembrane filter cartridge is commonly used, but if you have strict requirement of particle control,you can choose APS 0.1um or 0.05um.

    ■ APS filter cartridge


  • ④ Vent Filtration

    Function: Application is for sterilize the air or gas. Inside housing gas is separated from outside,and go through the housing to outside.
    So the outside organisms and particles can not go inside.
    0.01um Hydrophobic PTFE filter is commonly used.

    ■ GPF filter cartridge




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