Wide Format Digital Printing


For wide-format printers, super-wide-format printers, digital printing presses and unique printing platforms. Cobetter supply a series capsule filters for this application.



Capsule Filters for Large Format Printers


Filter Capsules for Digital Printing Systems

Cobetter DIPMF capsule filters are designed to meet the ever increasing needs of the digital ink jet printers.
The unique self-contained filter assembly will provide a high level of print head protection and long service life in digital print systems.
Printer compatibility: Vutek Ultravu 3300 / 3360 / 5300 / 5330, Gandinnovation Jeti solvent

PHP/PHPII Capsule Filter for Protect Print Head

Cobetter PHP/PHPII filter has good efficiency ensures no fiber particle dropping and provides a high level of printhead protection.
Printer compatibility: Vutek UV-3300 / UV-3360 / UV-5300 / UV-5330, Gandinnovation Jeti-3150



Cobetter DNMFB filter has good efficiency and longer life time. Pore size:3um& 5um&10um
Printer compatibility: NUR Expedio / HP Scitex 2100 / Tempo Vutek Ultravu 3360 / 5330 / 2360 / PV 320/400



Disc Filters for Printer Applications


20DISC/25DISC/37DISC/47DISC for Protect Printer Head

In digital printing, Disc filters plays an important role: as a final filter to protect printheads,
together with the main filter provides quality printing by protecting the lines debris does not buid up or became clogged in the machine.



More information about these products, please visit: Digital Printer Filters





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